Kristen’s love for yoga and what the practice has done for her over the years keeps her on her mat today!  When she was a kid, she seriously injured her spine while figure skating, so exercise wasn’t really an option growing up. When she found something physically, mentally and spiritually challenging AND a practice that made her feel better, she was hooked – it was YOGA! She became serious about yoga in the mid-2000’s where she spent many years living in the beautiful Southwest part of the USA (LA, Vegas and Scottsdale to name a few amazing places!) where yoga has thrived for decades.  She had the opportunity to take a 200 hour teacher training program during her first year as a full time yogi and never looked back. It was a game changer – a life changer – and she’s so glad it’s led her down a path of a healthy, grateful and happy lifestyle.

Now, many years later, Kristen is the founder of Yogi Oasis, a certified Yoga Therapist, EYT200 from Sumits Yoga and EYT 300 from Yax Yoga Concepts with over 12,000 classes taught.  Kristen offers many formats of classes and workshops and provides continuing education for fellow teachers, regularly. So grateful to everyone that has supported her through her ever-evolving yoga journey, she looks forward to being one of your supporters in YOUR journey!


"My goal is to teach not train, my wish is to inspire" - Tamar

Tamar grew up in the Sunshine state, has lived in the Golden state and now resides here in the Tar Heel state..

Growing up she was a competitive gymnast which is where her love for movement blossomed. As the years went on her love for fitness grew stronger and her reasons for that love have expanded.

There is no greater joy than that of being able to move about freely, without (or minimal) pain and restrictions. It is for these reasons here and few other personal ones that she dove heart first into a career of fitness.

Beginning her fitness journey in Florida she began training with friends and family members as a means of motivation and support for the ones she loved and also as a side gig while she was a waitress/bartender.

It was in Florida where she met the man of her dreams, he later swept her off to California..While bartending in California, Tamar decided it was time to turn her passion for fitness into a career. She started studying for her ACE PT Cert and shortly after started training full time in a gym where in 6 short months she became a master trainer of her facility.

While pursuing her love for movement she dove deeper and deeper into her personal yoga practice. While growing in her own practice her thirst for knowledge  led her to partaking in a yoga teacher training.

Fast forward a few years, another cross country road trip and here she is, in NC.

Tamar is continuing her pursuit of love,  life and wellness and all while helping others along their own journeys.

Tamar teaches a wide range of fitness classes from silver sneakers, HIIT, bootcamp, in addition to personal one on one training sessions she also teaches power yoga, vinyasa and yin style yoga. Catch her at YO for her stability & flow classes.

She will make you laugh and cry all in the same in class, in her words "it’s a love/hate relationship with me. You'll laugh when you meet me, hate me during class and then fall head over heels when it’s all done".


Lindsay has always been very active and outdoorsy, starting with soccer and gymnastics when she was a child. Now she likes to enjoy many activities such as hiking, snowboarding, camping, biking, and running. She is a food junkie and always on the lookout for tacos or a good sandwich!

Lindsay started practicing yoga while she attended East Carolina University (GO PIRATES!). Connecting the mind with the breath and body and ultimately slowing down, was a challenge for her. She fell in love with yoga. After practicing for a year, she decided to fly out to Salt Lake City, Utah and received her 200hr teacher training from CorePower Yoga. During this time, she learned how to teach flow/vinyasa and restorative yoga. She has taught children’s yoga while working at a summer camp and has taught all ages outside of that. Watching people connect and explore the depths of what their bodies can do is something she really enjoys and takes pride in.


Ashleigh is passionate that yoga is for everyone!  She loves guiding students to discover what they are able to do and feel in their bodies. After being introduced to yoga in college, she practiced only sporadically until hot yoga sparked a passion in her in 2009. That passion eventually led her to blue lotus yoga studio in downtown Raleigh. She graduated from the blue's 200-hour teacher training in 2015, and currently is enrolled in their 300-hour teacher training program. Ashleigh loves teaching all she has learned to her students. She has had the opportunity to teach all shapes and sizes of bodies in several different styles and firmly believes that everyone benefits from having a consistent yoga practice!  When she isn't teaching or practicing yoga, Ashleigh loves to hike, run, try out new recipes, design and make malas, and relax with friends, family and her four-legged pals.